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March 28, 2020
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Women in Games Club holds portfolio event

Becker College’s new Women in Games Club recently held a portfolio review event where more than 40 students had their portfolios reviewed by staff from WB Games, MassDiGI, and Petricore, Inc.

“Activities like this highlight the ability of students in the design program to create real change for good, diversity, and inclusion in the game industry,” said Paul Cotnoir, associate dean of the College’s School of Design & Technology.

Participants said the portfolio reviews provided valuable information in a welcoming environment.

“The portfolio review hosted by Becker’s Women in Games was a fantastic event,” said Jacob Siegel, who is majoring in interactive media design, with a game design concentration. “I was able to not only get amazing feedback on my portfolio website and resume from professionals in the industry, but was also able to make some great connections as well.”

Representatives from WB Games said they enjoyed taking part in the portfolio review and were very impressed by the Becker students. Staff from MassDiGI and Petricore, Inc. also praised the event.

“I always love seeing other artists’ work, so it was fun seeing all the new talent coming out of Becker,” said Christina Andriano of Petricore, Inc. “Being a Becker alum myself, I was glad to pay it forward in some kind of way.”

“It was great to see the wide range of art styles the students showed,” said Monty Sharma, managing director of MassDiGI.  “That kind of versatility is valuable.”

The portfolio review was one of the first official events for the Women in Games Club.

“I’m glad so many students were able to get feedback from professionals,” said Chloe Tibets, the club’s president. “The Women in Games Club is honored to host this and looks forward to hosting more events in the future.”

To learn more about Becker College’s Women in Games Club, go to https://www.becker.edu/becker-college-women-in-gaming/. To learn more about the School of Design & Technology, visit https://www.becker.edu/academic/academic-programs/design-technology/.

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